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okay SO a couple of months ago me and five of my friends all dropped acid and we went to the DIA which is detroit's big art museum and it started to hit us right when we got there and we were walking around the section of 16th century dutch paintings and there was a room that was all paintings of ships and my best friend mike mentioned the fact that lobsters don't die, the only reason they die is because we eat them. if we didn't catch them they would live forever. so we were like WHAT IF (cont)


WHAT IF THERE ARE LOBSTERS UNDERWATER THAT HAVE BEEN LIVING THERE FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS AND THEYVE GOTTEN GIGANTIC. THEYRE JUST GONNA COME UP EVENTUALLY AND GO ALL PACIFIC RIM ON OUR ASSES. REAL LIFE KAIJU. so we’re all standing in a circle in this room in a fucking art museum freaking out about this and yelling about it and stuff and people would walk into the room, see us, hear us talking about giant lobster attacks, and then walk back out of the room. we brought this up at least 6 times
wild from start till finish

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Imagine if your follower count turned into money

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"Just incase you get randy in Sydney"
My mum knows me too well

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Porn version of the lion king: the loin king

I lost a follower

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Porn version of the lion king: the loin king

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white boys be like “im gonna make you come so hard” and ur like, what to my senses

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note to self: “love yourself” does not mean spend $40 on chinese food when you’re broke

who am i kidding yes it does. never listen to me

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