"Feather Duster* Budgies" are caused by a recessive genetic disorder that causes their feathers to never stop growing. They have trouble moving and cant fly and rarely live longer than a year because their nutrition is used up for feather production. This is a side effect from too much inbreeding to increase their size and make them fluffier. They also have a deeper voice.

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Do what? I'd ask if you're okay but it sounds like you're not.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to alamar.

I’ve just been out all day, and now I had to finish all this Work Health & Safety junk that stressed me out a lot, So now the time I had to study has been moved too some time tomorrow and that kinda irked me a bit

i dont want to do this anymore

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i cant believe this

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The start of a beautiful romance

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No. I don’t consent to this. This is against my will. I will not be gangbanged by goblins.

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